Sandiway Energy Consultants

At Sandiway Energy our team is totally committed to providing an exemplary service for all of our Clients.

We recognise that construction may not be an exact science and in consequence we use our in-house and partnered skills with like-minded professionals to plan and deliver high quality building projects.

Key to this is arriving at a clear understanding of our Client’s needs at the earliest possible stage and subsequently using simple but sophisticated management and monitoring processes throughout each project to ensure clarity and transparency at every critical point during construction.

By using our skills and protocols, developed over many years in large-scale specialist contracting, we can ensure that everyone involved will be satisfied with the outcome:

  • Clients receive the outcome which they expect
  • Contractors complete the process as they intended
  • Sub-contractors are treated fairly and equitably
  • Other stakeholders are kept continuously informed about the project
  • In consequence both Clients and Contractors are prepared to engage in future tenders
  • Inspires mutual confidence in each other’s commitment and abilities

  • Our reputation is based upon the last project with which we were involved. We never compromise existing Client relationships in favour of future opportunities.